Welcome!  How might I help you?  (Please note this site is still under construction)

a) Music- need a trumpet or French Horn player or ABRSM/ Jazz teacher? Need a great women's soul/ jazz/ New Orleans band? Orchestral players?

b) Training - interested in making more of a difference? (Communication and Language, Psychology, NLP, Coaching and Leadership Skills)

c) Projects and Grants - does your project need some support?

d) Videos- would a film help you promote your work?

Over the last thirty years as a musician, primary teacher, Primary Headteacher, Leadership and Workforce Adviser, Ofsted Inspector and Education Consultant, I've worked with many teachers, Headteachers, sales staff, artists, musicians and young people.

With specialist training in leadership coaching, psychology and teaching and learning, there's lots of ways I might be able to help your project or family.......... (Certified in BSc. (Psychology), P.G.C.E.(Primary), M.Ed. (Educational Management), Ofsted Inspection, NLP Master Practitioner, LAB Profile Trainer (Language and Behaviour Profile) and ILM L7 Executive Leadership Coaching).  Contact me on 0775 172 3806 and helen.walker@ymail.com for a discussion.