Helen Walker set a 2020 vision for C&YP for young people in the NE of England:-
About ‘En-Courage’ Workshops

If we don’t equip young people with the right skills for success AND reduce anxiety and maximise courage, they may never thrive and flourish.

The ‘En-Courage’ programme uses specific powerful questions and a simple 8 stage process to help explore a problem of humanitarian concern:-
1) with 'movement' or 'change'  explicit within the process,
2) by drawing upon any and all disciplines needed to research and create. This could include engineering, painting, sculpture, science, finance, film and media, textiles, etc.
3) applied to a humanitarian concern that is situated beyond them.

Call Helen Walker on 07751723806 to discuss a project or training. See Welcome, Films, Musicals, Skilled and About.

Enjoy our 'En-Courage' Workshops, based on research from the creative arts, psychology, neuroscience and educational disciplines:-

  • Be 'En-Couraging' - Understand how to use key pedagogy along with the Arts, Music, Literacy, Media etc to generate confident, creative and meaningful outcomes for young people. Use it to model the process of 'movement' and 'change.'  Outcomes could result in any form- fictional stories, musicals, sculpture, art forms, drama, documentary, film and media.
  • Be Skilled - Really know the strengths and blind spots of yourself, as well as those of your team and customers. Use these for the best outcomes. Learn how to engage others, lead, motivate, empower others and reduce conflict.
  • Be Seen and Heard - tell your story in a 3 min promotional film and share it on websites, Face Book etc. Use it for grant applications and CVs. We can also help you create you a website, build a business media profile, write grants and transform your own artistic, digital and music skills.
  • Be Confident- Could you do with some extra 1:1 coaching support to really face the fears and anxieties of doing what you love AND earn money?