Hello! What's important to you and what difference are you trying to make?  

Below are some practical skills that I might help you with. They might seem random, but there's a common thread of 'making a difference,' 'education,' 'music' and 'building confidence':-

For Schools and Young People:-

- Career Coaching and Leadership Development,

- Improving OfSTED Leadership, Teaching grades and Citizenship,

- Character development and equipping girls and women for the future.

For entrepreneurs and creatives:-

- Building websites,  promotional films for websites and social media,

- Improving sales techniques,

- Writing grants.

For musicians:-

- Brass Tuition, ABRSM especially Jazz, French Horn, Ukulele and Piano.

For anyone:-

- Helping communications and engagement skills, re- relationships, behaviour management, motivation and reducing conflict,

- Writing 'making a difference' stories and musicals,

- Raise self-esteem and confidence in others,

- Organise music and training events and workshops.

See practical examples on 'Welcome,' 'Musicals', 'Past Projects', 'About Helen' and 'Engage.'

Suitable for School CPD -Support Staff, Teachers, Heads, also Parents, Grandparents, WI, Women's Groups, U3A, After School Clubs or discussion groups. 

imagine if EVERYONE knew they could 'make a difference' and help make the world a better place using their unique talents and good values.

Why, what's the problem?

  • Young people (mostly girls and other disadvantaged groups) can still leave school ill-prepared to help 'make a difference', whether through a meaningless curriculum, lack of aspiration, confidence, resource or support structure.
  • Schools teach Citizenship, but this might not be enough.
  • They can live in a world of 'my targets, my achievement, my future, my resilience, my rights, my self-esteem....'
  • So consequently, many young people suffer from fear, anxiety and mental health conditions,
  • There is no requirement for state schools to teach leadership skills (or 'making a difference with others') from OfSTED, in contrast to the requirement of some private schools (ISI Framework). Don't we need more social leaders?
  • Young people might not have enough role models in their lives or in the media.
  • We all already know that 'making a difference' for others, with others, within classes, families and communities is the most powerful way to develop self-esteem.