Are you ready to blow your own trumpet?
Do want to be heard more, or promote your work? Or maybe you want to help a young person who needs some encouragement to succeed?

Might your success be greater with elements of the 'En-Courage' Package of Support?

Be Confident- Could you do with some 1:1 coaching support to really face the fears and anxieties of doing what you love AND earn money?

Be Seen - tell your story in a 3 min promotional film and share it on websites, Face Book etc. Use it for grant applications and CVs. Let Helen create you a website, business media profile and write grants.

Be Skilled -  Really know your unique business strengths and blind spots, as well as those of your team and customers. Use these to your best advantage. Learn how to engage your customers or audience, how to lead, motivate, empower others and reduce conflict.

Be 'En-Couraging' - For younger people, model and write fictional  stories or musicals with them. Tell your story (or your organisation) in a fun musical.

Be Heard- learn an instrument and get heard!

Call Helen on 07751723806 to discuss your own unique 'En-Courage' package of support. 

Above, Helen Walker, 'En-Courage' Programme Director and Musician. 

With specialist qualifications in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), LAB Profile Trainer (Language and Behaviour Profiling), ILM Executive Leadership coaching, psychology, there's lots of ways Helen can help the successes of your work, project or family.

Isn't it terrible when young people face unemployment, debt, or feeling stuck in mundane jobs. Could an ‘En-Courage’ package of support help them succeed?

Why ‘En-Courage’? If we don’t help young people to really face their fears and find courage, they may never thrive and flourish. Helen has ‘En-Couraged’ many school leaders, clients and friends to change, knowing that the status quo is no longer an option.

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