What can we do to empower the next generation of girls, young women and other disadvantaged youngsters? 

1) Write or tell stories about ‘making a difference,’ model the skills of self-empowerment through factual or fictional stories.
2) Model the process and skills of ‘making a difference’, in lessons and at home,
3) Learn to use powerful leadership coaching questions,
4) Fear often holds people back. Teach children and younger people how to overcome it and build confidence instead.
5) Write a Musical- Create simple musicals about 'making a difference' with others- it's more fun and more powerful.
6) Make films  about other people you know, who are trying to effect change,
7) Lobby Ofsted and Government Policy for equality of expectation for children in schools.

Do you know anyone who could do with a boost in confidence? Perhaps you could help coach them better after one of Helen's 'Make a difference' Workshops?'   It's a lot easier to learn new skills in a creative fun group, together.  Or just get in touch.

1) Talks/ speaker - 1 hour £50 (Group price) Be Inspired!
- Learn the simple 8 step process for 'making a difference' through the stories of great women in history who have helped 'make a difference' such as the mother of Dr. Martin Luther King and how she raised a son who believed he could effect change in the world. Or, Wangari Maathai, the first female Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work in environmentalism, democracy and women's emancipation in Kenya.
- Get an overview on how the 8 steps can be used to structure your own stories and conversations.

2) Workshop (2-3 hours) £100 (Group price) Learn new skills!
- Build upon the 8 step 'make a difference' process.
- Learn leadership coaching questions that sit behind it.
- Practise these skills and use them to structure your own story writing or telling.  
- Embed it into everyday leadership, teaching pedagogy or conversation.
- Learn to create, tell and model stories of your own or others, re-courage, overcoming adversity and making a difference.
- Let Helen help publish your story. She will pay £5 for inspiring stories from participants that model the 'making a difference' process.

3) Workshop Series (6 weekly sessions of 2-3 hours) £500 (Group price)
- As above, and learn even more specialist communication techniques from NLP and LAB profiling, to create depth in characters.
- Also in real life, use these skills to engage, motivate and communicate others more effectively and reduce conflict!
- By the end of these 6 sessions, participants will have created their own story, film or musical of 'making a difference' whether real or fictional.
- You might even be inspired to write your own epic!

4) Weekend or 2 day workshop (9.30- 4pm) £750 (Group price) 
- As above, plus live music performances of 'Alberta's Dream: Building Foundations of Love' or 'Mother Earth: Emboldened and Unbowed' with Helen's musician friends. The Full Package!

5) Performances only- Inspire and engage others! Watch the 'Alberta Williams King: Building Foundations of Love' and 'Mother Earth: Emboldened and Unbowed' musicals, followed by optional workshops- price on application depending on size and number of performers required (£150- £1000 Group price).

6) Film - Make your own film! Have you in the past, or are you now trying to make a difference, however small? Let Helen interview you and create a short film to help promote your own work for your website, family or work. £250 (or less for charitable causes).

7) Website design Show how you are making a difference? - £250 plus domain/hosting costs.

8) Executive Leadership coaching/1:1 Coaching £40 per hour for further support?

9) Brass/ Music Lessons £25 per hour- make some noise! It's more powerful with music.

10) Subscription

- Become a 'Mother Earth' lifelong member (£5) for a free 'Mother Earth seedling pack' and receive newsletters about further events and opportunities, including the 'Mother Earth' training qualification to help you to earn money and cascade this important work. Email Helen on helen.walker@ymail.com.

11) Sign up for Helen's next event at Clara Vale Village Hall, Sunday 14th October 2018 10-4pm    £10.00 (Max. 20 places)

Mother Earth Clara A4.pdf

Here's some more examples of ‘making a difference’ films:-
Jane and Mike at Gibside Community Farm with an organic sustainable farming project.
Mike at Core Music, Hexham- who is trying to build sustainable communities in Hexham through music. See 'Core Values' at Core Music too.

See practical examples on 'Welcome,' 'Musicals', 'Past Projects', 'About Helen' and 'Engage.'

Suitable for School CPD -Support Staff, Teachers, Heads, also Parents, Grandparents, WI, Women's Groups, U3A, After School Clubs or discussion groups.

Contact 0775 172 3806 helen.walker@ymail.com to discuss talks, workshops and events.