Inspire and 'En-Courage' others with your own Musical! 

Here are some of Helen's past projects:-

1) 'Alberta's Dream: Building Foundations of Love (not walls)' by Helen Walker, (edited with narrators Ellen Phethean, Chantelle Howes and Andrea C. Ellis). With original music by Lisa Delarny and Andrea (right) as Alberta Williams King. Also featuring Belles Up French Horns and Uplifted Choir.

Knowing that music has the <3 effect in affecting change, Helen recently wrote the musical narration ‘Alberta’s Dream' for Freedom City 2017 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Using her own 'making a difference' process, she wrote the story of one of the most important mothers in history who raised a child who believed and had the right skills to be able to effect lasting change. It describes the necessity for love to conquer fear in the world, a pre-requisite for any leader.

Just imagine if all children in all schools were given the skills to make a difference in the world to end racism, poverty and war, with the help of ALL of our teachers, families and communities?

Watch an ACTUAL 6 min clip of 'Alberta's Dream' (right) from the 60 min. version, starring I-Sister's fantastic singer, Andrea C. Ellis as 'Alberta', (mother of Dr. Martin Luther King).  Book a live performance, and an optional workshop to follow. Watch the 'Alberta's Dream' trailer below, too:-

2)  'Mother Earth: Emboldened and Unbowed' the Musical

A musical narration based on the life of Wangari Maathai, the first female Nobel Peace Winner in 2004, for her work in sustainable environmentalism, democracy and empowering women from poverty in Kenya. She established the 'Green Belt Movement' influencing policy across Africa. 

3) Be Be and Gran in the Rainforest 

by Helen Walker, Jan Goulden and June Thomas

A musical about a lonely old lady 'Gran' who still wants life, fun and adventure. Guided by 'Be Be', a magic yellow mobile 'coach', she ends up in a rainforest helping the monkeys save their habitat. 

Includes six original 'making a difference songs' by Helen Walker and June Thomas.

4) William Whale and the Lion King by Junior Crossings

Junior Crossings is a music group for children of asylum seekers and refugees and their friends around the world. Helen worked with the children to produce their own musical about a whale who helps other animals in Africa.  In workshops, children use their own ideas and pictures, finished off by Helen into a lovely keep-sake book with six well known songs for ukulele.

4) Peter Penguin Comes to the Rescue by Junior Crossings

Similarly, a story about a penguin who helps some other 'polar' friends in Winter. Using well known simple songs for beginner ukulele.  In workshops, children use their own ideas and pictures, finished off by Helen into a lovely keep-sake book. When coupled with drama, the fictional process of 'making a difference' for self and others becomes well-rehearsed, and we hope, starts to influence thought processes in 'reality' as the young people grow up.

6) Goddess Northumberlandia and The Festivals of Joy by Helen Walker

A part- historical, part- fictional story based on local history in a mining context accounting for the emergence of 'Northumberlandia' in Northumberland. With six original songs by Helen Walker for ukulele.

7) Also available- The Writer's Grow Book by Helen Walker

A step by step 'workbook' enabling new writers to collect and sequence their thoughts through the writing process.

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Suitable for School CPD -Support Staff, Teachers, Heads, also Parents, Grandparents, WI, Women's Groups, U3A, After School Clubs or discussion groups.

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