Be Skilled!
1) 'En-Courage!' Transdisciplinary Art W
orkshops (6 week sessions/ 3 day Programme)
In the context of multi-media arts practice for community and schools:-
- Understand an 8 step User-Led Participatory 'change' process,
- Learn, practice and improve your own 'change' pedagogy questioning,
- Specialist communication techniques from NLP and LAB (Language and Behaviour) profiling.
- Learn to use these skills to create art forms (including sculpture, digital film, music, near-science and literacy) with young people, and model leadership, character, courage, overcoming adversity and change.
- Use these skills in your own life to engage, motivate and communicate others more effectively and reduce conflict!

For example, explore and transform your own model of '
Identity,' 'Transformation' and 'Courage' through art, literacy, music and clay work (see below)!

2) LAB Profile Workshops

Helen is a certified Trainer in 'Words that Change Minds' or LAB (Language and Behaviour Profiling). Useful for adults who work in stressful social settings to reduce conflict. Linked with advanced leadership coaching questions, learn some communication and language skills that help you engage, coach and motivate other people more effectively, to reduce headaches and conflict in the workplace.

3) Engaging Reluctant Learners for 'Outstanding Teaching and Learning' Workshops: -

Helen has trained numerous schools in the North East in how to improve Ofsted 'Teaching and Learning' Grades by 'engaging reluctant learners' using 'making a difference' pedagogy, positive psychology, leadership coaching, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profiling communication techniques in everyday lessons.

4) Executive Leadership coaching/1:1 Coaching for further support, motivation and challenge.

See also Welcome, Films, Musicals, Skilled and About.

Suitable for School CPD -Support Staff, Teachers, Heads, also Parents, Grandparents, WI, Women's Groups, U3A, After School Clubs or discussion groups.

Contact 0775 172 3806 to discuss talks, workshops and events.